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We’ll save you the labor cost of having your maintenance staff clean up or prevent the unsightly mess that can develop if you don’t have the staff to clean these areas. We also ensure that your bins are well maintained by working with the waste hauler to get damaged bins repaired or replaced.

With our man on site several days a week, your bins and enclosures are always clean. We handle overflow problems by distributing the trash evenly throughout all the bins and better utilizing the bin space by breaking down boxes and other bulky items.

Waste Consolidation Services for Phoenix AZ, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, TX

Waste Consolidation

Our proprietary Consolidated Property Refuse (“CPR”) program is designed to accommodate the complete waste management needs of each property…

Large Item Pick-up by Waste Consolidators, Inc.

Bulk Item Pickup

Waste Consolidators Inc offers a service to remove bulk items as they’re found and charge a nominal per item fee…

Waste Consolidators, Inc. One Time Clean-Up Services for Propeties in Phoenix, AZ, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, TX

One Time Clean-Up

Have an unexpected disaster happen on/to your property (i.e. flooding, fire, vandalism, mass- eviction, remodeling refuse, etc.)? Give WCI a chance to help!


Thank you for the quality service provided by your company. We sincerely appreciate your efficiency, gracious customer service, and the level of detail and accountability you have demonstrated while serving Copper Palms.

Michelle Contreras, Regional Manager - CVG Properties

I have worked with Waste Consolidators for over 10 years in Phoenix, AZ. I can personally attest to their workmanship, attention to detail and professionalism – which is always appreciated.

Kyle’s team is always expedient in the work we required to be done and he always followed up to ensure our owners at various apartment communities in the Valley were taken care of by his team.

I would highly recommend their services to anyone requiring waste consolidation and trash/large item removal.

Tina Beland, Assistant Manager - Capri on Camelback
I first met Kyle Thomas about 15 years ago when he introduced me to Waste Consolidators. In the time since, Waste Consolidators has been a valuable industry partner serving many of the apartment communities we manage or have managed. Their value has been both financial and to maintain curb appeal. Financially, their service many times allows for the trash hauling company to reduce their level of service resulting in a lower trash hauler monthly expense. Waste Consolidators also provides a service to reasonably haul off mattresses, couches or other furniture items residents leave by trash enclosure areas and does so much more quickly than calling a haul away contractor. Their work keeps trash enclosure areas clean meaning maintenance techs can attend to other apartment maintenance operations.

In addition to the financial benefits the service also contributes to curb appeal by keeping trash enclosure areas clean, free of bulk items trash haulers won’t dispose of and reduces trash bin overflows given they break down large boxes and redistribute trash to enclosures evenly.

Michael Harbo, Vice President Construction/Purchasing

I am a seasoned HOA portfolio manager and have had the pleasure of working with Waste Consolidators in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. I have a large portfolio of condominium associations that I have contracted Waste Consolidators to work at. They either assist or provide full bulk trash removal and clean up of the dumpster areas.

I personally have worked with Kyle Thomas over the past several years and he has been nothing but a delight. He has provided extreme professionalism and quickly addressed any issues that have arisen. Kyle has also gone above and beyond in emergency situations.

I highly advocate Kyle Thomas and Waste Consolidators to anyone; they have been an immense asset to my communities and have provided superior service.

Vicki Jacobs, CAAM

I have been a customer of Waste Consolidators for almost 20 years. While an area Vice President for Equity Residential, Waste Consolidators approached us a potential service provider. While slightly skeptical at the time, I quickly became a believer and a huge supporter of this service. In my experience, WCI has been able to almost completely offset the cost of the service with a corresponding decrease in our third-party waste hauling charges. The real value of their service comes in providing cleaner dumpster areas and limiting unsightly large waste items, such as furniture or appliances. In addition, their service removes some of the labor component that the onsite maintenance staff is usually tasked with.

WCI is a company of integrity and honesty and I can vouch for their service and the value they add to onsite operations.

John Rials, Executive Vice President at Western Wealth Capital


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