Waste Consolidation

Our proprietary Consolidated Property Refuse (“CPR”) program is designed to accommodate the complete waste management needs of each property both as an individual entity and as part of the larger property management group.

Below is an overview of the CPR program that clearly demonstrates that no one in the industry can offer the thorough, cost efficient and expert services that we do. We handle all of your solid waste management problems and, most importantly, often do so before you’re aware there was a problem. Read More

  • Before Waste Consolidators, Inc.
  • After Waste Consolidators, Inc.

Before and After Waste Consolidation

General Property Maintenance

Whether it’s your office or business park, storefront, apartment or manufactured home community, we have the resources and the flexibility to meet your every need. In addition to routine maintenance and cleaning, if you have any specialized or out of the ordinary need on your property we can help you. Whether it’s regularly scheduled day porter services, one time clean-ups, bulk item removal, shopping cart removal, apartment or home eviction/abandonment clean out or any other unique or unusual service you thought no one could help you with…WE CAN HELP! Just call us to find out what amazing and cost efficient solution we come up with for your property. No problem is too big or too small. So give us a call! We promise to always be professional and efficient with your time so try things the WASTE CONSOLIDATORS way…NOW!

One Time Clean-Up

Have an unexpected disaster happen on/to your property (i.e. flooding, fire, vandalism, mass- eviction, remodeling refuse, etc.)?

Caught off-guard with a messy property by unscheduled visits from Owners, Investors, Regional Managers, City Officials, etc.?