Bulk Item Pickup

The most common complaint from property managers is that large, bulky items such as mattresses and couches are left in and around the garbage bins.

The waste haulers often do not want to remove them before they are completely broken down and will leave a bin un-emptied if a bulk item is in it. WCI offers a service to remove these large items as they’re found and charge a nominal per item fee (we must charge a fee because we have to pay land fill charges to dispose of them).

With our employees on site five days a week,we spot the bulk items, call them into our dispatch and send out someone from our Large Item Removal Division to haul them away within 48 hours. To inquire about our Bulk Item Pickup services in the Phoenix, Arizona area, Houston, Austin and Texas, Arizona areas, contact WCI today!

Bulk Item Pickup by Waste Consolidators, Inc for Phoenix, AZ, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, TX

Notable savings can be accrued by allowing your maintenance staff to do what you pay them to do instead of breaking/sawing up couches and chairs or hauling them off site. This service is extensively utilized by our existing customers and results in the most comments about how we have improved the curbside appeal and overall appearance of their property.