Waste Consolidation

Our proprietary Consolidated Property Refuse (“CPR”) program is designed to accommodate the complete waste management needs of each property both as an individual entity and as part of the larger property management group.

Below is an overview of the CPR program that clearly demonstrates that no one in the industry can offer the thorough, cost efficient and expert services that we do. We handle all of your solid waste management problems and, most importantly, often do so before you’re aware there was a problem.

We’ll save you the labor cost of having your maintenance staff clean up or prevent the unsightly mess that can develop if you don’t have the staff to clean these areas.

Before Waste Consolidators, Inc.After Waste Consolidators, Inc.

We also ensure that your bins are well maintained by working with the waste hauler to get damaged bins get repaired or replaced.

With our man on site several days a week, your bins and enclosures are always clean. We handle overflow problems by distributing the trash evenly throughout all the bins and better utilizing the bin space by breaking down boxes and other bulky items.

Bill Auditing

We will review both your past and present bills along with your service contract and the actual equipment on your property to make sure you are getting billed properly. If a credit is due you, we’ll work with your waste hauler to make sure that you get your money back.

Various Problems with Waste Hauler

This is one area that we can relieve a mountain of headaches before they even get to you or your property manager. We work directly with the waste hauler to work out problems such as gates not being closed, bins not being rolled back into the enclosures, missed pick-up days, trash bin maintenance like broken lids and wheels, etc. We spot these problems as they occur and work directly with the hauler to find immediate solutions. Regardless of who the hauler is, these problems will occur. We work with several haulers and our experience says that they all will have certain “disturbances” in their service. We simply lessen the impact of these occurrences by trouble shooting them as they happen and we often do so without your intervention. These are potential complaints that you will never hear with Waste Consolidators on your property because we will address them as they occur.

We Offer Excellent Service and Exceptional Value

Our goal is to offer you our entire menu of services at a price similar to what you are now paying just for your current waste disposal program. Our expert Field Analysts personally monitor your property and with a little information from you can determine your complete needs for the overall solid waste management or your property. We use a combination of experience and numerical analysis to determine your requirements and can accommodate regular changes in the trash flow of your properties by having a Field Technician on site five days a week. Below is a chart comparing what you get from your current trash hauler alone compared to what Waste Consolidators offers you in addition to your existing waste disposal service.

Trash Flow Maintenance

Your current trash hauler

  • Haul trash as scheduled with any overflow
  • Large items or service disruptions to be handled by the property management and/or lessee.

Your current trash hauler & Waste Consolidators

  • Haul trash as scheduled with any overflow
  • Large items or service disruptions to be handled by the property management and/or lessee.
  • Trash removal as scheduled by your current waste hauler but often at a reduced schedule that saves you money.
  • Service technician on site 5 days a week to clean, sweep and correct overflow problems as they occur.
  • Remove all large items within 48 hours as they appear.
  • Bin maintenance completely monitored by WCI and addressed with the waste hauler.
  • We will promptly take care of any miscellaneous problems as we spot them before you even have to be notified.
  • We will promptly take care of any issue related to your trash that you bring to our attention with one simple call. You call us once and your work is done.