We’ll Save You Money at Waste Consolidators, Inc.

Most properties spend too much time and money for their waste disposal and for cleaning around trash bin areas. The time and labor costs that your maintenance staff racks up cleaning these areas, could be used for much more productive pursuits.

That’s where Waste Consolidators Inc comes in. We look at your entire waste disposal program and usually can save you money by creating more efficient disposal schedules that only work in concert with our services. In most cases the number of trash pick-up days and/or the size and number of trash bins can be reduced because our staff is on site five days a week managing your waste stream. By breaking down boxes, strategically transferring trash between all the bins on the property and taking off site large bulky items that would quickly fill up the trash bins, we make sure every bin is similarly and therefore more efficiently utilized.

The savings we generate by reducing your waste disposal cost is then used to offset our monthly fee. If we cannot create any savings by reducing your disposal schedule, then most likely your trash problem is due to the fact that you do not have enough disposal service in place to begin with.

Instead of spending more money on the partial solution of adding more trash bins and/or pick-up days, why not have our highly trained and motivated Field Technician on site several days a week making sure your curbside appeal doesn’t take a hit because of unsightly trash bins? Every dollar spent on our service is truly an investment in your community. So invest in your property today and save time, money and all the headaches associated with mess trash bin enclosure areas. You WON’T be disappointed.

WCI offers our waste consolidation services to apartment and condominium management companies in the Metro Phoenix, Arizona area and in the Houston, Austin and San Antonio, Texas areas. Call WCI today for a FREE waste disposal audit and service proposal. We’ll save you money.